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Manufacturers & Installers of High Security Composite Doors, UPVC Windows & Conservatories & double/triple glazed units

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Please view our frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions that are not answered in this section, please feel free to contact us. A member of our sales team is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

To contact a member of our sales team please:

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For woodgrain on white windows how do I know which face to order?
The profile wallcharts and price lists clearly identify which faces are foiled by using A and B codes. These wallcharts are available in PDF format from the wallchart section of ‘my downloads’.

Do you offer the service of Patio Midrail End milling and how do I measure for Midrail length?
Yes, and we require the overall finished patio width including the number of panes.

What colour are Synseal’s extruded products?
If matching door panels, the colour code nearest match for white profile is C121. If difficulty is experienced it is advisable to send a sample of profile to the door panel supplier.

What is the standard stack height for friction stays on Synseal casement windows?
13mm is the standard.

What woodgrain finish do you use?
We offer Light Oak, Mahogany and Cherrywood finishes.

What back-set espag or shootbolt will fit into Synseal casement?
A 22mm back-set espag or shootbolt will be fine.

Which backset door lock is recommended?
35mm is recommended.

What are the maximum sizes for your windows?
For Kitemarked windows, the following maximum sizes apply:

Top hung: 1200mm x 1200mm

Side hung: 650mm wide x 1200mm high

Fixed: 2500mm x 2500mm (maximum perimeter: 8200mm)

Shield:Multi-light: 1800mm x 1800mm (maximum perimeter: 6000mm and maximum transom/mullion length including frame: 1200mm)

Synerjy:Multi-light: 1600mm x 1600mm (maximum perimeter: 6000mm and maximum transom/mullion length including frame: 1600mm)

Can we use kitemark logo on our adverts?
Shield:No, use the phrase ‘Our Windows are manufactured from profile supplied by Synseal Extrusions Ltd, which are Kitemarked to BS7413 (Licence no. KM30983) and BS7950/7413 (Licence no. KM41324)’.

Synerjy:No, use the phrase ‘Our Windows are manufactured from profile supplied by Synseal Extrusions Ltd, which are Kitemarked to BS EN 12608 (Licence no.KM30983) and BS7950/BS EN 12608 (Licence no. KM41324)’.

Does the profile have a BBA certificate?
Shield:No, but Synseal Shield profiles have been assessed by the BBA, Assessment report no. 1672

Can I make a half hour fire rated door from Synseal Extrusions?
No, as with all PVCu profile, Synseal Extrusions achieve a class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to BS476 part 7.

Are PVCu windows & doors load bearing?
No, but load bearing data is available for bay poles, posts & RA76 frame coupling aluminium.

Is there any regrind material in Synseal’s window and door profiles?
None, all of Synseal’s PVCu window and door profiles are extruded from 100% virgin compound from our own chemical mixing plant.

Is it necessary to install Safety Glass in patio doors?
Yes, the use of safety glass in buildings is specified in a British Standard – refer to BS6262-4:1994. For further information, reference should also be made to Building Regulations Approved Document N – Glazing.

When replacing windows do Tricklevents need to be installed?
Not always, but for replacement windows, the existing measures for background or natural ventilation should be maintained. Refer to Building Regulations Approved Document F – Ventilation.

Do I have to employ the services of a FENSA approved fitter when installing windows and doors?
No, but if non-FENSA approved fitters are used, then application to the local Building Control Office must be made to arrange appropriate inspection and approval. However, it is recommended that FENSA approved fitters are used.

Is it essential to have gas fires reserviced after fitting windows and doors?
No, but whilst it is not essential, this is always a good idea to ensure ventilation is still adequate.

What is the minimum size for a fire escape window?
The minimum size is an unobstructed openable area that is at least 0.33m2 (minimum dimensions: 750mm high and 450mm wide or 450mm high and 750mm wide). The bottom of the openable area should not be more than 1100mm from the floor. See Building Regulations Approved Document B.

When replacing timber windows and/or doors with PVCu ones, do I need to check/replace as necessary the lintel above the removed windows/doors to maintain structural integrity?
Yes, PVC-U windows are not designed to be load-bearing.

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